Six corners - symmetrical beauty: The HEXAGON brush sits perfectly in any hand, regardless of whether it is slightly larger or smaller or more elegant. This is due to its hexagonal form; a semiotic which evokes a classic tool, or simply put, a good pencil.

    designed by Mark Braun
    Shaving brush with silvertip badger, replaceable head
    Ring size M: 21 mm
    Handles made of anodised aluminum, silver

The HEXAGON series

Precision implements, perfect design: For the HEXAGON range of products, MÜHLE has collaborated with renowned Berlin designer Mark Braun. The result? The finest shaving implements, expertly proportioned – but by no means classic. Because: The hexagonal profile of each of these products combines contemporary design with traditional – and thoroughly practical – elements to ensure ergonomics, grip, and functionality. A design approach for which Mark Braun has already won many awards.
Brand new – but still familiar: Even the matt metallic finish of the handle is new, as is the understated engraving (for typographers: in Myriad Pro font). And yet these products are MÜHLE through and through: the chrome-plated finish – at which Mühle excels.
And there could be no more modern or worldly a choice of colours than Graphite, Forest, Pure and Bronze. These fine, earthy tones are also a small reference to the Erzgebirge, the hilly no-man's-land between Saxony and Bohemia, where shaving culture has made its home.

The Brushhead - Silvertip badger
Among connoisseurs, silvertip badger is regarded as the pièce de résistance: Only the best, carefully selected badger hair is used for these purely handcrafted shaving brushes. The precious natural material is particularly soft and flexible.

The fine, conically tapering hairs possess the ability to retain a large amount of water and produce a dense, creamy lather. Another sign of quality is the even black band running horizontally through the predominantly silvery gleaming hair.

This premium product is manufactured using historical tools in an artisan procedure mastered by only a few specialists worldwide. The semi-circular shape of the brush head is created by hand when binding the brush. The fine tips therefore do not require trimming and the natural softness of the hair is retained.

The brush heads are manufactured from the finest quality and are easily interchangeable via the fine integrated screw-thread.

Handle: 55 mm x 32 mm
Weight: 127 g

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Shaving brush designed by Mark Braun, silvertip badger, handle anodised aluminum, silver

  • Brand: MÜHLE
  • Product Code: 091 M HXG PURE
  • Availability: Еxpected
  • 136.00лв.

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