How to lather properly?

Lathering up properly is very important for a good shave, especially if you use slicers or razors. It sounds trivial, but it's actually a big issue. Did you know that beard hair is just as unruly as copper wire of the same thickness? So you need the same pulling force for the blade as if you were cutting wire. Doesn't sound very gentle, does it? 

Through proper lathering, the beard is softened and allows for a smoother cutting motion of the blade without much force to be applied. Consequently, cuts or small inflammations of the hair roots can be prevented.

Shaving foam from a can or normal soaps are not recommended, as their foam is very light and disintegrates quickly. Instead, use rather high-quality shaving soaps or shaving creams that produce a dense, stable lather. Shaving bowls help to pick up the soap. Simply circle the wet shaving brush on the shaving soap until some soap sticks to it.

Then massage with rotating movements onto the shaving area that has been moistened with hot water beforehand. Take 2 to 3 minutes to do this. This may seem like a long time, but it ensures that the blade glides through wonderfully easily afterwards.

Positive side effect: it makes the hair protrude from the moisturised skin in order to be cut deeper. Once it has dried again, the skin is incredibly smooth.

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