How to ... use the proper safety razor

Many men have these images in their heads of their own fathers' faces covered in bloody toilet paper shreds and therefore don't feel comfortable using a safety razor. When properly done, shaving with a safety razor is neither dangerous nor difficult, however. First of all, it is important to lather the beard well. In order to do so, whip and then apply the foam from a shaving soap or cream with the brush. You should take two and a half to three minutes for this step - make sure to enjoy this little massage. Next, the safety razor is applied at a 30 degree angle and moved in the direction of the growth of the hair. Make sure to pull the skin tight when doing your chin and neck. One basic rule, even if it may sound a little paradoxical, is the sharper the blade, the less the risk that you will cut yourself. The reason for this is that you tend to pull or push more with a blunt blade. Where precisely to start and whether to use an open or a closed comb is something you'll learn through trial and error. With some experience, you will develop your own technique and create your personal shaving ritual.

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