How to find the right type of blade?

Which degrees of sharpness are there and which one is suitable for me?

What is true for most situations in life is also true when it comes to wet shaving: Everyone has to find out for themselves what the ideal scenario should look like. In terms of shaving this means: How do I lather my beard correctly? What kind of safety razor do I use? How do I shave correctly? And: Which type of blade or degree of sharpness do I feel comfortable with in fact?

Depending on your own type of skin, the beard growth and of course your personal taste, everyone should try out different models to experience the various degrees of sharpness. As a result, you will have an overview and know which type of blade you need. Now, there are an infinite number of blade types, degrees of sharpness and blade manufacturers. At MÜHLE, however, experience has shown that four blades in combination with MÜHLE safety razors are particularly popular.

Feather, from Japan, is considered to be by far the sharpest blade. That is exactly why so many people are so fond of this blade; it leaves no stubble unshaven. But to others it is simply way "too sharp", so they prefer the slightly milder variants. The blade Astra is recommended as a little less sharp type. The Personna Platinum or Personna Red, as the blade is called due to its red packaging in some countries, and the MÜHLE blade are at a similar level. Even though the last three blade types are quite close to each other with regard to their various degrees of sharpness, there are slight gradations - and who has decided on a model will rarely deviate from it in the future. 

The blades are available online or in specialist shops. For beginners certainly a combination of one of the aforementioned blades and the closed comb R89 is advisable.

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