Wet shaving

Useful information about wet shaving at home

The classic wet shave is a ritual and one of the few treatments for men that are all about men's skin. On our website you will find products for all stages of the wet shaving procedure at home. 

The ritual of the classic wet shave itself varies according to your preference, but every wet shave has a few basic stages that are always followed and are important for the experience, the result and the effectiveness of the treatment itself:

1. Preparing for the shave

Contrary to popular belief, preparation is actually the key to a well-executed classic wet shave. This is the stage where the skin and hair are prepared for contact with the razor. The ultimate goal is to open the pores and thanks to this - the hair to be softened in depth.

At this stage, you should first clean the face with a cleansing gel or micellar water. Then you can use a scrub product, which is applied with light massage movements, to be able to clean the face in depth and make sure that when opening the pores you will not contaminate them. You can apply a pre-shave product and lay a hot washcloth on the face. The heat opens the pores and helps the product penetrate deep and soften the hair. Depending on the thickness and hardness of the hair, this step can be repeated.

2. Application of shaving product

There are many products here that you can choose according to your preference - different types of shaving cream or classic barber soap, which is extremely long-lasting. The goal here is, regardless of the product chosen, to create a generous lather that can be spread evenly. 

3. Actual shaving

You can use different varieties of razors - open comb (more aggressive - for a thicker and stiffer beard), closed comb and Gillette razor head. The advantage of the classic blade is that it can be cleaned perfectly after each shave or changed more often for hygienic reasons. In addition, its price is incomparably lower than the price of Gillette heads. By pre-cleaning the face and using new or sterilized blades, the likelihood of skin problems on the face is reduced.

4. Closing the pores

Here we use a combination of cold towel and after shave products, which again vary according to personal choice and preference. It is a good idea to apply the aftershave product with light massaging movements to soak in well, soothe and close open pores.

The classic wet shave is a ritual we recommend every man to experience!