How to properly shave while travelling?

The weight of the brush in your hand, a pleasant massage of the yet tired facial skin, the fresh scent of shaving soap: For many men, their morning shave is a ritual they have grown to love. Those who do not want to miss this ritual while travelling should consider a few things.
First of all: the brush. Badger hair should not be stowed away damp, it will otherwise turn brittle. Since a full drying takes a few hours, we recommend using a brush with synthetic fibres for travelling. With regard to quality and looks, it is just as good as a badger hair brush but can be packed wet. For example, into one of the handmade MÜHLE bags made from vegetable-tanned leather. Everything is packed neatly, nothing will get scratched. Those who want to pack their razors into a toiletry bag, can get a fitting blade protection for all established shaving systems.

To prepare the shave on the go, a tube of shaving cream comes in handy. If you prefer soap, you may take the new MÜHLE shaving soap stick. It only uses as much soap as you need for each shave. For frequent travellers, MÜHLE travel kits are accessories of choice. 

Brush and razor are smaller than the regular models for home usage. Their heads can be unscrewed and comfortably stowed away in the handle. Everything can be packed into an elegant leather case.

Tip: Before flying, check the official safety regulations to see if you are allowed to carry your razor in your hand luggage.

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