How to properly care for materials?

Razors and brushes with handles from wood or horn do not only look pretty but also sit comfortably in your hand. In order to enjoy natural materials as long as possible, they indeed need some care. To preserve their natural surface, horn or timbers such as olive, African blackwood, ash or plum are only slightly oiled in the factory. Water or soap can make them brittle in the long run. Therefore, they should, depending on use, be re-oiled every three to four weeks. Our MÜHLE maintenance oil is the appropriate substance. It restores the grain of the wood with shine and protects against wear - not only wood or horn against drying up but also metal parts against corrosion. 

The oil was developed in a collaboration with the heritage company Ballistol from South Germany especially for the maintenance materials used by MÜHLE. It is an experienced company. Back in the day, Ballistol was asked to develop an oil for the emperor's army which could maintain all parts of a weapon abd at the same time be applied to small wounds of the soldiers and horses. Ballistol was successful and also consulted us well. "The MÜHLE maintenance oil is a true jack of all trades," says Andreas Müller. "It maintains wood and horn, oils machines and threads, protects razor blades against corrosion and is also skin-friendly."

Chrome parts also need some tender care once in a while. Frequently use a smooth cloth to remove any chalk residue. For once they have hardened, they can only be removed with a lot of effort. The use of chemicals may cause damage to other materials of brush or plough. "If polished regularly, chrome will shine for eternity," says Müller.

Good news for notorious care-avoiders: For those in search for care-free products, we offer handles made from porcelain, synthetic resin or sealed wood. They keep looking pretty even without any care.

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