How to decide: YES or NO to beard oil?

There is a certain controversy among fans of wet shaving regarding the use of beard oil. In the tradition of shaving, oil plays no big role. On the contrary: By thoroughly lathering the skin and the beard, the oil and sebum layer is supposed to be dissolved. The alkaline soap reduces the fat on the skin and lets it swell. The rule is: the more thoroughly lathered, the softer and better the shave.

Nevertheless, beard oil can be useful. Especially men with very sensitive skin had good experiences with it. The oil, which is applied before foaming, provides a protective barrier between skin and blade and improves the glide of the razor. It can also reduce the risk of injury.

However, it is important to make sure that the brush is cleaned very thoroughly afterwards, so that the oil does not stick to it. Most beard oils are a mixture of different natural oils.