How to decide: open or closed comb?

For a long time, music fans had to take sides: Beatles or Stones. Commiting to one or the other band was considered to be distinctive. Fans of wet shaving also need to make a fundamental decision: open or closed comb? Whereas music is all about questions of taste and style - shaving is about serious arguments which indicate the need for one solution or the other. Soft or energetic? Slight or strong growth of beard? First-time user or advanced connoisseur? 

Well, let's quickly discuss the techniques: The comb, the bottom part of the shaving head, comes in different models which determine the shaving characteristics. An open comb, as MÜHLE R 41 has it for example, can be recognised by the "teeth" which resemble a rake. This model has a blade which particularly protrudes from the head. The shave becomes very effective which is appreciated especially by men with a very thick growth of beard. However, such a model is not very gentle to your skin and the risk of injury is higher. For beginners or men with sensitive skin, a model with a closed comb like the MÜHLE R 89 is the more adequate choice. Instead of teeth, there are gentle waves on the comb. The blade is less protrusive. Therefore, the R 89 is one of the softest and most popular safety razors on the market.

There is nothing in between the Beatles and the Stones; fortunately things are different in the MÜHLE arrangement of goods: the new ROCCA safety razor lies in the middle between gentle and strong.